2016 Calendar of Events


Camp Discovery hosts a wide vareity of programs and events throughout the year to teach and inspire people of all ages for the health and welll-being of our communties and our planet!

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January 1           New Year's Day Hike

January 4          Spring Break Camp Registration Opens 

January 9           GNAT Class

February 13       GNAT Class

February 13        Great Backyard Bird Count

February 15        Earth Keepers Camp Registration Opens

March 12              GNAT Class

March 28-2         Spring Break Camp

April 9                GNAT Class

April 30             Spring Open House

May 14                 GNAT Class

June 8-9              SC Midlands Summit     

June 13- 17         Earth Keepers Camp

June 20- 24         Earth Keepers Camp

June  27- 1          Earth Keepers Camp

Sept 1                 Winter Holiday Camp Registration Opens

Sept 3                 GNAT Class

October 7            Discovery after Dark 

October 8            GNAT Class

October 21          Discovery after Dark

November 5        GNAT Class

December 17      Christmas Bird Count