Camp Recovery Workshops

Looking for a location for your next teacher in-service day? Searching for a fun and engaging way to kick off the school year? Camp Recovery is a unique program at Camp Discovery that provides a wide variety of workshops to help Pre K – 12 educators and administrators reduce stress and become more effective and inspired teachers through Nature.

These short, content and lesson-based workshops are typically used by schools during in-service days or staff meeting times. Sessions last between 90 minutes to three hours with each workshop including hands-on activities that incorporate aspects of Nature for our health and well-being.

Camp Recovery workshops are available on our site or yours. Sessions can be scheduled at Camp Discovery throughout the year, as well as shortened sessions for school or district in-services.

Workshops may be scheduled as a single program or as a multi-day series for schools, school districts or associations. Sessions can be held in the natural, peaceful setting of Camp Discovery or brought to your school or other location.

Cost is based on duration of project, travel, and workshop materials.

Workshops Available

MINDFULNESS: SIMPLE CONSCIOUS STEPS FOR LEADERS:  This program shares with educators, administrators and other leaders strategies for managing stress and achieving a sense of balance and calm. Elevated levels of stress and anxiety can interfere with the ability to form meaningful relationships with students, co-workers and others. Mindfulness is a valuable wellness and self-care tool and has been demonstrated to not only have tremendous health benefits, but to reduce job-related stress and burnout.

Mindfulness helps leaders cultivate compassionate attention and an attuned presence in the classroom or workplace. This introductory mindfulness course will provide the skills and techniques to be the best leader you can be.

Lesson includes

  • an introduction to mindfulness and detailed instructions on establishing a personal mindfulness practice
  • guided practice with a variety of mindfulness techniques, including mindful breathing, mindful listening, and mindful movement
  • participants will explore how mindfulness impacts their presence and their relationships

MINDFULNESS FOR STUDENTSThis course helps participants develop a mindfulness practice, incorporate mindfulness activities in the classroom, and learn skills for mindful communication and relationship building with students.

Lesson includes

  • an introductory course for teachers wishing to begin mindfulness practices in the classroom
  • exploring ways that mindfulness can inform and enhance your work in the classroom
  • learning techniques and specific exercises to help you teach mindfulness to students

EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING IN THE CLASSROOM:  Experiential Learning is the future of learning. Learning by doing, accelerates learning, bridges the gap between theory and practice, and delivers an exceptional return on investment. In this short introductory course, teachers will get to experience hands-on methods that they can take back to their classroom and use in their daily instruction.

Lesson includes

  • introductory course in experiential learning
  • exploring ways that experiential learning can engage students and produce higher levels of retention
  • learning experiential techniques to inspire critical thinking, problem solving and decision making in the classroom

TUNE IN AND TURN ONThere’s listening—most of us do that without even thinking—but then there’s “active listening.” 

Most of the time, our brains act like noise-suppressing headphones, and there’s a good reason: they’re blocking out an endless stream of potential distractions, most of which we need not heed. In contrast, complete listening requires much more energy and skill—but it’s a skill that can be trained. In this workshop, educators will explore ways to take off the headphones and be encouraged to make life more splendid by tuning in to soundscapes of the world around us.

Lesson includes

  • a conceptual framework for interpersonal communication
  • increased understanding of and skills in listening and responding

MINDFUL COMMUNICATION: Communication is fundamental in every area of our life. Unfortunately, many leaders don’t realize the implications of their communication and few people have had the opportunity to practice true authentic communication and active listening.

Using the animal kingdom as our guide, we will explore how animals have their own social rules, codes of conduct and methods of communication. And people, like animals, communicate way before we even speak. In this session, we study animals to learn the basics of communication and use that knowledge to better understand how our own effective communication is a matter of survival.

Lesson includes

  • A look at the “rules of engagement” or the basics of effective communication
  • Practice exercises in completing communication cycles and listening without judgment.

For more information contact:
Joanna Weitzel