Project Based Learning

Learners to Leaders

The Learners to Leaders program aims to inspire young people to take action and make a difference to ensure a brighter future for the world we all share. Using "project-based learning", Learners to Leaders targets students at a critical time in their development and provides direct experiences that nurture a sense of community, support academic achievement and promote environmental stewardship.

After identifying an environmental need or challenge, students are empowered to devise and implement a plan of action to tackle the issue and better their communities whether it is at the Camp, at their school or another location in the students' own "backyard". Programs combine nature-based field study and school visits to incorporate school curriculum into an authentic community service project. Students gain a deeper understanding of the concepts and standards at the heart of a project, practice civic engagement, and cultivate the skills necessary to become future leaders in our community and stewards of our environment.

Programs are customized, so sessions can be held weekly or monthly during a 9-week period, a semester or across the school year to combine classroom instruction and real-world learning. Programs can be designed for elementary, middle and high school grade levels. Fees are based upon the frequency and combination of field studies and school visits. 

For more information on bringing the Learners to Leaders program to your students, contact Camp Discovery at 803-754-2008 or email