GNAT Days - Pre-K & Kindergarten

Teachers and younger students are invited to "Give Nature A Try" and embark on amazing discoveries in the fields and forests of Camp Discovery! GNAT programs bring a safe mix of hands-on activities for children ages 3-5 that include nature walks, songs, stories, animal encounters and crafts for a variety of themes. Lessons are designed to encourage discovery, cultivate wonder and curiosity, and build a loving connection to the natural world. 

Program Fee Information

GNAT programs are $10 per child and last 3 hours, including a 30-minute picnic lunch. A minimum of 24 students and a maximum of 48 students is requested with one adult per every 5 children. Teachers and chaperones are FREE.

Scheduling Your Visit

Step 1: Choose the field study that is right for your students. Most programs offered can be customized to fit the needs of any group.

Step 2: Call Camp Discovery at 803-754-2008 to check for date availability.

Step 3: Sign and return the Program Reservation Agreement along with your $50 deposit to secure your date!

GNAT Programs - Pre-K & Kindergarten

Just like us, birds depend on their senses for survival! Students will observe birds up close to learn about their different body parts, behaviors and how they are similar and different from each other. Using binoculars, students practice birding basics and discover through investigation the special adaptations of our feathered friends! 

  • 5K Standards: K.L.2A.1; K.L.2A.2; K.L.2A.3; K.L.2A.5; K.L.2A.6

Using all of our senses, we embark upon habitats large and small within a forest ecosystem at Camp Discovery. From seeds to fallen logs, students will learn about trees, their life cycle and how they provide a home for different plants and animals. Students will even meet some of the different organisms adapted to living there! 

  • 5K Standards: K.L.2A.1; K.L.2A.2; K.L.2A.3; K.L.2A.4; K.L.2A.5; K.L.2A.6

Students will learn what organisms are and discover their basic needs for survival. During a nature walk, we use our senses to search for plants, animals and fungi in the habitats of Camp Discovery. And through a live animal encounter, students learn how these different organisms use their body parts to move, find food and protect themselves. 

  • 5K Standards: K.L.2A.1; K.L.2A.2; K.L.2A.3; K.L.2A.5; K.L.2A.6

FALL COLORS (seasonal availability)

With cooler temperatures and the arrival of fall colors, autumn is starting to reveal itself. Children celebrate fall with a forest scavenger hunt to learn about trees, leaves, their shapes and colors. Children will make a tree-inspired craft as a reminder of the many things that trees give to us all!

  • 5K Standards: K.L.2A.1; K.L.2A.2; K.L.2A.3; K.L.2A.4; K.L.2A.5; K.L.2A.6

Don’t see a topic that fits exactly for your grade level or unit of study?  Call our program office at 803-754-2008 or email and we will work with you to create a lesson for your students.