Scholarship Requests

Scholarship Opportunities: A limited number of need-based scholarships are available for attendance in Earth Keepers Camp (daily drop-off and pick-up). Deadline to apply is May 1, 2017. To qualify, the request must 

  1. Be a Richland County District One resident from a Title I school.
  2. Demonstrate need.
  3. Include a letter from the student’s teacher, guidance counselor, pastor or another leader on how the child will benefit from the Camp experience.
  4. Include a written statement from the child on why he/she wants to attend Camp.

If the qualifications above are met, then the student may be considered for a need-based camp scholarship. Please complete the Scholarship Request. The application will require the following

Child's full name and birth date, along with legal parent's or guardian's name

  • Email address and phone number where they can be reached
  • The week of camp they wish to attend
  • The weeks they are available to attend

Once a student is on the wait-list, camper information will be kept in our scholarship database. Two weeks prior to any camp start date, we will determine the number of scholarship slots available (if any) and contact applicants on a first come first serve basis as listed in the database.

If selected for a scholarship, the student must immediately enroll and follow all registration instructions provided to them at the time of selection. Failure to follow proper enrollment/registration instructions may result in loss of scholarship slot.

Scholarship Request