Who We Are

Camp Discovery is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.  Our mission is to engage and inspire through discovery in science and nature.


Many children today do not have opportunities to learn through first-hand experiences in Nature, spending much of their time indoors behind a screen. Yet, our children are the stewards of our future and will be responsible for the ecological health of our planet. Camp Discovery's programs sow the seeds for lifelong learning and stewardship by allowing children to reclaim moments of wonder and discovery that have vanished from childhood; moments that are an integral part of shaping who we become as adults.


From school and youth groups to families and community organizations, there is something for everyone at Camp Discovery! Situated on 116 scenic acres of forests, fields, creeks and streams in Blythewood, the campus provides an ideal outdoor learning environment for year-round exploration and hands-on learning. Our nature-based programs provides real-world learning to enrich both minds and hearts for the health and well-being of people, our community and planet.

Since 1985, Camp Discovery has reached more than 15,000 children and youth from across the Midlands through hands-on learning experiences in Nature.  

Mission & Vision of Camp Discovery

The mission of Camp Discovery is to engage and inspire through discovery in science and nature.

The vision of Camp Discovery is to cultivate the power of discovery as a process leading to the health and well-being of people, the community, and the planet.

There are four sacrosanct core beliefs in all Camp Discovery programs:

1. Camp Discovery believes discovery occurs through experiential learning in nature.
2. Camp Discovery encourages building relationships with the self, others, and the natural world.
3. Camp Discovery helps create, nurture, and grow the capacity of leaders for our future.
4. Camp Discovery supports the development of critical and creative thinking to impact positive change.


What We Do

Earth Keepers summer camp

In-person field studies

On-demand style pre-recorded and interactive virtual field studies

Faculty retreats and trainings

Community outreach

Low ropes challenge course

Host community groups