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Camp Discovery is developing a collection of asynchronous instructional units to further enrich your students' education. Please e-mail us today to discuss both asynchronous and synchronous programming options with the subject line of "Virtual Field Studies."

Camp Discovery's Virtual Field Studies


  • 40 minutes of asynchronous cross-content programming designed to be divided as teacher determines into mini-lessons with identified “pause points” for teacher-led synchronous discussion, predictions, activities, and critical thinking 

  • May include a virtual hike throughout Camp Discovery property (forest, meadows, pollinator garden, creek, wetlands), virtual classroom experimentation and exploration, literature, demonstration of NASA GLOBE tools

  • Downloadable extended standards-based learning activities for teachers and/or families are included with each program

  • Designed with observational tracking and other tools to keep children fully engaged and actively participating

  • Can be utilized throughout virtual, hybrid, and in-person learning models

  • Educators will have access to video content for a 2 week period and will be able to request the specific time when they would like their 2 week period to begin​​


$100/class with school-wide subscription; $105/class for individual classes (paid via PayPal) 

Habitat Hunt

  • Shared reading 

  • Discuss what plants and animals need in a habitat 

  • Hike through the forest (examining various habitats and stages of tree life cycle)

  • Hike to meadow, creek, wetlands to investigate the different plants and animals in each habitat

  • Extended learning activities included


5K Standard: K.L.2 

1st Grade Standard: 1.L.5

2nd Grade Standard: 2.L.5

Dirty Details

  • Shared reading

  • Soil shake

  • Hike through property to collect soil samples and “soil sort”

  • Creation of soil model demonstrating pore space, minerals, and organic matter

  • Extended learning activities included



2nd Grade Standard: 2.S.1

3rd Grade Standard: 3.E.4

4th Grade Standard: 4.S.1

5th Grade Standards: 5.S.1; 5.L.4

NASA GLOBE Citizen Science-Tree Investigations

  • Shared reading 

  • Demonstrate GLOBE Observer Tree Measurement Tool app

  • Hike throughout property using infrared thermometers, examining impact of trees on surface temperature

  • “Zoom In”

  • Tree cookie with advanced tree story

  • Extended learning activities includes


4th Grade Standard: 4.S.1

5th Grade Standard: 5.S.1

6th Grade Standards: Standard 6.S.1; 6.E.2

More to come...



*Specific activities, books, and extended learning opportunities mentioned above are subject to change as we strive to meet the needs of students in the various instructional phases  we are navigating this year to include:  virtual, hybrid and in-person settings.

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